Sylvia Samilton-Baker

Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Sylvia Samilton-Baker

“I enjoy breaking down a challenging pose and seeing a student take the steps to get there.”

About Me

I hold an M.A. and ERYT (Experience Registered Yoga Teacher- 500 hours). I started yoga as an adolescent - late teens. In my early 20’s, I met a wonderful woman named Margo Jenni who turned the practice of yoga upside down for me. She was an African American woman (there were no AA in classes I was taking during this time or before) and had been teaching for many years.  She studied with Tao Porchon-Lynch (95-year old yoga instructor) and Barbara Kestenbaum. She was terrific - and not only was she my teacher but a mentor and friend as the years progressed. She encouraged me to take teacher training - said I owed it to the AA population to teach because it would save our lives. The spiritual and health benefits of yoga, she believed - would take us all to another level! It is a joy for me to hear students tell what yoga has done for them.  I enjoy students learning to explore and become more connected to their bodies.  When students are new, it is interesting to watch the disconnect between mind and body. And, for many reasons, there is that disconnect. Yoga has the capacity to help students connect with their physical bodies and their inner selves. It teaches people to sometimes sit with the ‘uncomfortability’ of being who they are, of being unaware. I love when students 'get it' and they come to me and ask a question about something we did or how to get into a pose. I enjoy that my students are dedicated; they show up, they do the work, they laugh, they sigh, they 'get' me and they still keep coming back! I enjoy breaking down a challenging pose and seeing a student take the steps to get there. I like to remind students that we are all new to something at some time!  We don't come just knowing things - we have to learn them, we have to be taught. The primary student complaint for new students is "I am not flexible; I can't touch my toes."  "My body won't/can't get into the poses."  I remind them that they have to get in their heads that we are all new at something and the first step it to 'show up.'  

I think it is important, and of course yoga teaches this, that diet, lifestyle (what we use on our bodies), and practice are key components of a yogic lifestyle. We need to look more at what we input (food, drink) and what goes on the outside. Moving away from artificial, chemically-induced concoctions on our skin can be the best decision we can make if we are attempting to follow a holistic lifestyle.  The Alapure lifestyle supports a holistic lifestyle - that is what we want to move toward. We need to be healthy out as well as in. I can see that the development of the Alapure line is in direct congruence with a yogic lifestyle. Looking at its developer, Jill, your skin is flawless - clear, translucent because of its glow. It is clear that you meld your practice of yoga with what you utilize to keep your body beautifully supple and glowing!